26 Jan Customer Information / Special Announcement

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Special message regarding the High Water Marks

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

due to the rising water level, the barge shipping between Coblenz and Mainz was stopped
this morning.

Based on the water level on the upper Rhine, the forecasts assume that High Water Mark II
will be reached till 28th of January 2018.

At the moment, we would suggest a resumption between the 28th- 29th of January 2018.

Our barges are currently at following locations:

KV Triangle                          since this morning in Mainz
MS Monika Deymann        since this morning in Mainz
KV Joline                              left Rotterdam this morning        eta Mainz 29.01.2018
MS Freienstein                    currently in Rotterdam                 eta Mainz 30.01.2018
MS Sophie Deymann          left Rotterdam meanwhile           eta Mainz 29.01.2018
MS Windeck                         currently  in Rotterdam                eta Mainz 30.01.2018

We kindly ask you for your understanding, that we have to fully reject all kind of costs that will arise due to the high Water situation.

Our members from the customer service team will provide you with further information.

Frankenbach Container Service GmbH