31 Oct Customer Information

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Dear customers, Today we would like to provide you with the following up-to-date information:


• Update Low Water Situation on the Rhine – 31.10.2018


We herewith would like to inform you about the already low-lasting low water situation (Kaub showed a water level of 64 cm) on the river Rhine.

By implementing an alternative transport concept we accomplished a reliable and efficient transport on behalf of our customers.

Due to a slightly risen water situation at Kaub, we have to ask you as of 01.11.2018 for shorter closing times up to 12 days after the actual trucking date.

(e.g. trucking date 05.11 – closing seaport earliest 17.11.)

Please kindly take note that KWZ scale 5 of Frankenbach Low Water scale has become applicable.

Due to that situation we have to inform you again that under a gauge level of 81 cm at Kaub we no longer have an obligation of transport and therefore decline any liability (like demurrage and detention).

For questions and further information please feel free to contact our teams customer service and planning.


Frankenbach Container Service GmbH